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VCyG - Criminal Law Firm

We are a Law Firm focusing exclusively on Business Crimes and penal compliance, often involving misconducts, disputes and complex litigation

with a special emphasis on international matters.

The clientele includes individuals, closely held companies, and publicly traded multinational corporations, as well as governments, foreign embassies and non-profit organizations.

Criminal Law

Our team stands out for the experience of our members, in the field of criminal law on national and international affairs.

Criminal Compliance

It constitutes the preventive set of tools with the aim of preventing the infringement of penal norms and avoiding possible sanctions that generate responsibility to the company.


Given the high degree of sensitivity of the involvement in a criminal case, we assure you that you can find in our team a reliable, coherent and effective partner, 100% dedicated to your interests, which will remain with you throughout the case.

International Law

We advise on international legal norms that regulate the laws of the States and international agreements and treaties, among others.

Complex Litigation & Dispute Resolutions

We resolve the current and potential conflicts of our Clients, including the resolution of judicial disputes.

Smuggling and Customs & Tax Law

We specialize in the defense of the interests of individuals and companies, domestic and foreign.

Foreign Exchange Criminal Law

We provide legal advice to individuals and commercial and investment banks in the conflicts that may arise due to financial operations.

Corporate Governance & Penal Law

Set of principles and rules that regulate the operation of the governing bodies of the company.

Our Team

Luis F. Velasco
Abogado Alejandro Carullo
Alejandro Carullo
Nicolas Giletta

We are Criminal Law Specialists

The Firm offers a team of Criminal Law Specialized Lawyers, Criminal Compliance and Business Criminal Law

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