The main partners of the firm have a long history of representing institutions and individuals in complex white collar & transnational crime cases. Our business crimes & asset recovery practice boasts some of the most highly respected criminal defense lawyers in the country, many of whom have been prosecutors or enforcement officials.

We have been involved in some of the most complicated and seminal white collar cases of our time, representing, among others, the following:

  • Represented former CEO, COO and CFO’s of one of the most prominent banks in the world, who were investigated for conflict of interest charges related to contact whit the former government agency. By thoroughly investigating the governments “star” witness, the firm proved that the witness was being untruthful about the client’s actions. Consequently, the criminal charges were filed against the client.
  • Represented a corporate client in the intelligence community being investigated for violations of the Cybercrime Act. This was a novel and complex case that present issues regarding whether technical data constituted a proprietary trade secret when developed under government contract. A carefully coordinated factual and legal investigation enabled to demonstrate that various prosecutorial theories were flawed.
  • We conduct the first internal investigation derived in the Corporate Criminal Liability Law # 27.401 for a publicly traded corporation that discovered improper billings and briberies for a federal government program. The leading partners of the firm were able to determine that the company’s management had to knowledge of or involvement in the billing improprieties and arrange to repay the funds with no penalties and no criminal prosecution.
  • We conducted an internal investigation and criminal complaint against the legal representative of a corporation whose facilities had been visited by the Anti-Corruption and Financial Intelligence Unit agencies looking into possible violations of the Anti-Kickback Statue. The main partners of the firm determined that certain employees had, in fact, paid kickbacks to certain potential sources of business. We then represented the client in negotiations with the other party to recover the assets derived from the crime and we also negotiated with the federal prosecutor a probation action to avoid also future criminal prosecution.
  • We represented the high level legal authorities and public servants of a sovereign country, who have been accused in Argentine, in light of universal jurisdiction for committed trans-frontiers crimes. We persuaded the Federal local Courts that the client has substantially complied with economic regulations and compliance rules, reaching the dismissing of criminal charges.
  • In a federal criminal trial before the Economic Crimes Second Instance Courts, our lawyers persuaded the court that their client had substantially complied whit corporate governance and anti-money laundering regulations and that its license to handle controlled substances should not be revoked.
  • We successfully fought an adverse decision by a federal agency all the way to the Argentine Supreme Court, obtained a 5 to 0 decisions in favor of the client, and reinstated the clients contracting privileges whit the agency.
  • Proving that the government had improperly withheld exculpatory evidence, our lawyers successfully argued in the Federal Criminal Courts that a client’s false statement conviction should be reversed and a new trial awarded.
  • In the context of a millionaire civil action involving the Department of the Army in Argentina, allegation were made that the client had violated the False Claims Act and had submitted false statement to the government. Our lawyers were able to convince the Prosecutor General Office against Financial Crimes and Money Laundering (Procelac) that the criminal allegations were without merit and the client was entitled to a multimillion dollar settlement on the civil matter.
  • In the course of a parallel criminal fraud inspector general investigation involving a large government program, we persuaded the various government authorities that the corporation should not be prosecuted criminally or excluded from participation in the government program, based on the corporate client’s effective compliance program.
  • In a high-profile case filed against the former owners of a client subsidiary, our lawyers conducted an internal investigation and persuaded the Federal Prosecutors that no wrongdoing was committed by current ownership or management.
  • In a qui tam case filed by a client’s competitor, who lost a government contract to its client, our lawyers persuaded the federal criminal courts and also the Second Instance as well as National Cassation Courts that the competitor did not meet the requirements of the Anti-c corruption Act for filing the claim. The case was dismisses.
  • Credit Suisse First Boston in the New York Attorney Generals investigation of alleged conflicts related to analyst research and relative investigation.
  • A worldcom senior executive in the ongoing federal grand jury investigation of alleged accounting fraud at the company and in the relative SEC investigation.
  • Working together with lawyers in USA, France, UK and India, in a transnational crimes case related to asset recovery and anti-money laundering rules, together with tax fraud and ciber-crimes actions and liabilities in connection with shareholder litigation and investigation by the SEC and the Federal Criminal Courts of Argentina, arising out of the FDA`s December 2001 decisions refusing to file ImClone`s application for approval of Erbitux, ImClone`s highly anticipated cancer drug.
  • Arthur Anderson in connection with the government`s investigation and the subsequent trial on charges of obstruction of justice in the Enron matter.
  • The defense of a former chairman of a multilateral international organization in a federal criminal investigation into alleged price-fixing with fraud and subsequent trial, and in parallel smuggling lawsuits.
  • The defense of the CEO and CFO of the international board of directors of one of the most relevant banks in the world, in the government`s investigation of technology stock initial public offerings in the 2000s.
  • The defense of the former chairman and CEO of one of the most relevant high-tech corporations, during his jury trial on insider trading & fraud charges.
  • Philip Morris in the Department of Justice`s grand jury investigations of the tobacco industry.
  • The defense of the former President of the Advisory Boards of the biggest industrial corporation in the field of automobile industry, in federal criminal charges relating to the alleged diversion of unclaimed customer funds.
  • Con Edison in a federal investigation into alleged environmental criminal violations arising out of an oil spill, and in a separate state grand jury investigation into the cause of a gas explosion.
  • Hoffmann-La Roche in criminal litigation arising out of alleged price-fixing conspiracies in the vitamin business.
  • Burlington Resources in a federal grand jury investigation of oil and gas royalty payment practices.
  • Representing a sovereign State in a federal grand jury investigation arising out of potential activities in the area of anti-corruption and money laundering rules.
  • The defense of a public trade bank in a private banking scandal and multilateral investigation in Spain, UK, USA, Chile and Argentina.
  • Reuters in a criminal inquiry relating to the alleged misappropriation of information from Bloomberg.
  • Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines in a multi-jurisdictional investigation of environmental crimes.
  • An OIL USA Company in a grand jury investigation relating to the handling of dirty assets and economic and tax crimes.
  • Warner Lambert in a federal prosecution for violations of the federal Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act, and in a separate prosecution relating to violations of the ecologic act.
  • The defense of former board of directors of a USA Securities & Insurance Company in a federal grand jury investigation of the sale of $8 billion in limited partnership.
  • The defense of a former chairman of a trade-Corporation, during his 10-month jury trial on charges of criminal real estate fraud.
  • An OIL USA Corporation in three simultaneous federal and state grand jury investigations of alleged environmental violations relating to a major oil spill.
  • Representation of a international well know NGO in a fraud and corruption scandal in simultaneous federal and state criminal investigations, linked to the violation of tax and financial crimes.
  • Asset recovery and money laundering actions on behalf of one of the biggest banks of the world, that was a victim of a transnational fraud and money laundering actions, in connection with a USD 200 million contract.

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